Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The End of a Mad Man

On May 1, 2011, an elite group of Navy the command of President Obama... killed Usama bin Laden at a heavily guarded mansion compound in Pakistan.
The Mad Man behind Al Qaeda and the September 11, 2001 attacks is dead.
Justice has been served.
And the folks who lost friends and relatives to that terrible day may now begin to find the closure that has been eluding them for a decade.

But should we Americans celebrate the death of another human being?
Certainly, bin Laden needed to pay for his evil...and death was a fair end.
I believe that we should take this time to start the HEALING let the pain and loss and horror finally breath a sigh of relief and start living with just a little less fear...
Having expressed this notion on my Facebook Wall, I have encountered far too many people who feel the need to hold on to that sad and terrible the details of the destruction and keep it close like some kind of  cancerous tumor that slowly eats away at LIFE.
To those who say we must never forget 9-11, I say...
At some point we MUST let go of 9-11. If we don't, we are doomed to become like the WWII vets, Korea vets, and Nam vets...and some of their friends and family...who fight their wars every day of their lives, infiltrating every aspect of their existence, ultimately destroying them. When THAT happens, the ENEMY has finally won.
Sadly, I think it DOES destroy lives to keep such events fresh in our minds. That is why the VA hospitals and the STREETS...ah, yes the STREETS... are filled with veterans who can't stop fighting a war...or wars...that ended decades ago. Our heroic service people are the greatest victims of all...of this "never forgetting". When a LIFE comes to a creative and vital END, even if the person is breathing and going through the motions of their days, THAT ending...that loss of quality...that being trapped in the past and fighting a war that is endless...THAT is simply another victory for the ENEMY.
If ultimately forgetting the tragedies...not the HEROISM, but the tragedies...of wars and such can help to SAVE those lives, and further vanquish our foes, then FORGET WE MUST.
At some point, our Country MUST begin to HEAL. 


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