Monday, December 28, 2009

More Stuff For the LAST WEEK of 2009

So, I am here, at the computer, wondering WTF people who try to hijack airplanes could be thinking...

Not only are THEY dumber than a bucket of dirt, they deserve whatever Fate befalls them!
Do they NOT have minds of their own?
Are their lives so shallow and empty that they have to jump on the bandwagon of some group that encourages members to KILL THEMSELVES?

And is NOT for the "glory of Allah" is for power and political gain...and anyone who truly believes anything else about it is a DUMBASS...especially the tools who do the dying!

They are certainly going to get a shock and surprise when they croak and Allah turns them away...saying "Not on MY watch, Guys"...and down they go...buhBYE you crazyass, wasted life, morons!!
No Heaven for YOU!!

But, in a twisted kind of Way, their deaths are a bit of Darwin in action...dumb asses die, simple as that...and hopefully BEFORE they have had a chance to reproduce.

OK,now...enough political commentary.

This is the last week of 2009, and many folks are thinking about their upcoming New Year's Resolutions
I wonder how many of them are really kept.
Or how many of us even make them to begin with...

I used to, then decided that if there is something that needs to get done, the only real Way to achieve that goal is to simply DO IT!
(No, this is NOT a plug for Nike...)

But, honestly, that is what works best for ME...
Maybe some people NEED the resolution thingy, to kind of make it like a unbreakable(yeah, right) vow type of obligation.

And for some, it probably works just fine...
How about you?
If you are reading this Blog entry, think about New Yeqar's resolutions and do you...or do you NOT...make them and/or keep them?

More to be said later this week...

December 28, 2009...An Almost New Year's Eve

Well, it certainly looks like we survived this Holiday weekend.
All fingers, toes, eyes, and noses intact...well, you know how it it...all fun and games until someone loses an eye!

Anyhow...thoughts are quite bountiful regarding this coming New Year...all of which I shall expound upon later today.

Until then, I am going to make a pot of great coffee...I always make great coffee...and chill for a bit.

After that, I am going to get some stuff done...or not.
It all depends...


Thursday, December 24, 2009

A Winter's Eve

The traditional, Christian celebration is called Christmas Eve...tomorrow being Christmas Day...
But, there seems to be something lacking in that there should be MORE!

So, I am officially, for me, changing this evening's title to a Winter's Eve....with tomorrow being a Winter Celebration...

Take THAT, you limiters of celebratory days and events!!

Ah, yes...this time of year should surely bring out the finest and best in folks, but, you know what?
It DOESN' least, not for the most part.
People are in such a hurry to spend money they don't have...for crap that no one really order to get those people to like them more...or something to that effect...
And for WHAT?

By the time tomorrow..."Christmas Day"...arrives, far too many people are exhausted...broke...and pissed off...and the saddest part is that they did it to themselves!
All to celebrate the accepted birthday of Jesus?

Way too convoluted and twisted and effed up for me to even try to fathom...never has, and hopefully, never will make any sense to me whatsoever.

This time of year is grand and glorious and filled with wonder that comes only from the change in Seasons...the change to the cold and long the time when the Earth sleeps, and gets strong for the coming Spring.
We get so caught up in this holiday stuff that we forget to take in the awesome stuff that can only be known in the Winter...especially here, in Flroida.

So, my sage advice is this...
Stop with this madness we accept and shrug off as OK, and as part of this Season we should just deal with...that, dear friends, is simply BS, and is a byproduct of media and social pressure.

Step back a moment...take a deep breath...and allow yourself to FEEL the magick that IS this time of year.
THAT is what we celebrate...that is The Gift!

A blessed and bountiful Winter to you and yours...all ways...

Saturday, December 19, 2009

A Very Quick Note

For all who may actually take the time to read my stuff...this is for you...


Thoughts on this Christmas Thingy...

Whaddado, everybody, whaddado...

Yeah, yeah...that's stealing from Craig and Wavy...but, hey...:)

Ah, this Christmas Thingy..."sigh"...seems to be something missing this year.
Or, maybe...just maybe...there's TOO MUCH OF IT !!

Could it be that I am simply reacting, emotionally, to an overload of jolliness?
Could it have something to do with the fact that, even with the economy in the crapper the way it is, stores have had Christmas stuff out SINCE RIGHT AFTER LABOR DAY?

WTF, y'all?

At several of the places we regularly shop, "they" began putting Holiday enticements out, seriously, right after Labor Day.
That's effing SEPTEMBER...and we hadn't even had Halloween or Thanksgiving yet!
What is WRONG with people?

The worst part of feeling this way is that I truly do LOVE this time of the year...
From Halloween through New Years, and even into Valentine's favorite days.
But NOT when it is shoved in my face at every turn!

I went to get a new wreath and garland at Jo-Ann Etc. last weekend...great sale, 60% off...which was fine.
BUT...and this is a very big BUT...
They were already putting out STUFF FOR VALENTINE'S DAY!!
It was all I could do to wait in line and make my the Hell out of there as quickly as I could.

Are we THAT materialistic?
Or are we in THAT much of a hurry for our days to pass by?

Or are we just effing TOOLS...or SHEEP...baaahhh, baaahhh,baaahhh...
Are our lives so shallow that we live for the "shopping fix", from one "holiday" to the next?

Something to seriously and deeply ponder, I believe...
But not today...enough now.

I am going to have a big piece of fudge that my Mom-In-Law made and sent our Way...and watch a movie...or take a little walk around the 'hood...or do the last of the Holiday cards for friends and such...


Friday, December 18, 2009

Thoughts On A Rainy Friday

Well, the Isabelle Fay Watch is officially over...well done, Mama and Papa Jacques!

So now, I can write on other stuff that has been tickling the grey matter recently.

First of all, I would like to say this to anyone who might have a problem with the TITLE to my Blog...


There...that's said...enough, now.

Back to other things.

Like Sarah Palin...

HOW did this woman ever found her way into politics?
Was she created in some dark and spooky lab by the Republican Party?
Does she have a brain(seriously, this is meant ONLY on a biological level)?
Or does she rely on a "motherboard"(sorry...another oriented, actually)?

Maybe she should have the nickname...Stepford Sarah...or Republican-Run Rogue...

She is about as much a real rogue as that blonde conservative chick on The View...
Rogue, my bum.

But, I will tell you the scariest part of her and her politics and views...
Far too many Americans really DO follow her, and are glued to everything she says.

The key word here, folks, is FOLLOW...baaahhh...
And into the slaughterhouse joyfully they will go!

Am I the only one "out there" who finds her and the fact of her popularity to be more than just a tad bit frightening?
Am I the only one who struggles to actually KNOW what her views really are?
and, am I the only one who sees her with the Republican Party hand up her ass...moving the mouth and filling the head with what THEY want?

I believe Sarah Palin and all who support her to be more dangerous than any poor slob from Gitmo...more deadly that any weapon of any kind of destruction...
And do you know why?

Because SHE actually believes all the stuff she says...and so do her followers.
And in believing, they are DEVOTED...
DEVOTION is the most powerful weapon available to Humankind...stronger than mere faith...because it almost completely eliminates the NEED to THINK for oneself.

Think about it.
More on this tomorrow...


Thursday, December 17, 2009

Happy Birth Day, Isabelle Fay!!


Well, Miss Isabelle Fay did it HER WAY!!
Happy Birth Day,, be a good girl and let Mommy and Daddy get some sleep!!

More thoughts later today...


Afternoon Thoughts

Well, as of now, still no ISABELLE we wait...

BUT...there are other things I want to talk about...namely the vulturistic behavior of THE MEDIA!

OH! Does this come as a surprise to you?
I certainly hope not, for your sake.

But lately, it seems to have gotten even more bloodthirsty...more "let's not only tell the World this person's private business, let's go ahead and DESTROY THEIR LIFE while we're at it"...
And ya know's OUR FAULT!

Yes, it's our fault...we, the American Public...because we LOVE that kind of crap...
We love to see that folks who are wealthy and successful can fall from grace.
We love to see them in pain...
And, what's worse than simply liking to see it...we WANT to see it...and the more The Media can give us, the happier(?) we are about it.

Casey Anthony...sad, sad story.
Allegedly murdered her daughter...and yet...the Prosecution has nothing but very slim circumstantial evidence.
But wait!
Over the last year or so, The Media has not only dragged this woman through the deepest mud, but it has made it impossible for her to ever get a FAIR TRIAL pretty much anywhere, but definitely in Florida.

Great, people...really great...NOT!

And now, we have Tiger Woods to destroy.
Doesn't matter the least little bit that his marital problems are NO OF OUR DAMN BUSINESS...NONE!!
Let's make it so that he and his wife can't even go to the toilet in privacy(ever so slight exaggeration), much less WORK ON FIXING THEIR MARRIAGE.


And in the past we have had Michael Jackson(who, now that he is dead, is everyone's pop idol)...Bill Clinton(don't get me started on this one)...Brittany Spears(sad kid, at best)...and countless others we have gleefully dragged over the coals, and took delight in doing so, wanting more and more as the toll rose...and continues to rise.

What the Hell is wrong with Humanity?
Are our little lives so freaking miserable that the only way we can even remotely feel good about ourselves is to perceive another person as "less than"?
Are we so desperate for "something" that is missing from our lives that the only thing that fills that damn void is the destruction of another person's Life, literally and/or figuratively?

If we(the collective "we") spent as much energy and time working on ourselves and trying to do the right things for our lives and such as we spend on looking for ways to wreck the lives and reputations of others, we'd be quite an incredible lot.

But, is not to be.

To be continued...


Day 2 of ISABELLE FAY Watch...She's on her Way, but in her own sweet Time...

Well, as of the last update from Lionel, the Labor Train is still moving right along...
The "Conductor" and "Passenger" are tired, but the wheels just keep on going.

This glorious event conjures up memories of the Arrival of Paul...surreal and really cool, it truly was.

I was getting ready for my doctor's visit...complete with required pee specimen...about to jump into the shower...when I felt a not-so-little cramp.

" I don't think I should be having THAT now."

So, I decided to give it a bit, and started timing them.
Ten to 11 minutes big deal.
But, from what i knew, definitely the beginnigns of labor.

I take my shower...get dressed...grab my little covered cup...and head out the door.
At that time, I was driving a huge Chevy pick-up...4wheel drive...with a full camper back.
As I sit here, I realize I must have been quite the sight...:)

I get to the doctor's office, pee in hand, and go up to the receptionist and say, a bit loudly so all of the waiting Moms-To-Be could here...

"I think you might want to bump me up to the front of the line...I believe I am in labor."

To which my doctor poked his head from the door and said:
"No way. You are NOT ready yet."

To which I replied:
"Oh, but I think you might be wrong on this one."

So, he told his nurse to let me come on back...
Once back there, he did his "check for signs of labor" routine, and said, quite humbly if I remember correctly:
"Well, you are in labor. But, you probably won't deliver until late tonight. And I have a special dinner that I have to speak at...Just get to the hospital...check in...and have them call me."

And I, being of sound Mind and feeling more than rather smug at being right...hopped back into the truck and went to the Mall to go shopping.
Yes, shopping...
This was at about 1:30PM, on a Tuesday...8-11-81, to be exact.

After buying a couple of baby things at Sears, and getting myself some chocolate, I went back home.
Once there, I calmly told Paul's father and my mother-in-law that we needed to get going to the hospital because I was in labor.
They both laughed...until a pain hit and I cussed.

We got to the hospital...St. Anthony's, in Michigan City, Indiana...around 3:45 settled in a room in the "labor area" the monitor attached...and then the dance began.

I remember walking around alot...could NOT get comfortable lying down.
Oh, did I mention that this ENTIRE ADVENTURE was WITHOUT ANY PAIN MEDS...NONE...NADA...Not A DAMN ONE !!
Hence, the need for cussing...

At about 5:00PM, my nurses...awesome and amazing women, both of them...wheeled me into the delivery room, and got me up on the soft, clean table.
They put in an IV, just as a precautionary measure, since my water had broken 3 days before and I never knew...and Paul was about 6 weeks early.
But, believe me...the only stuff in that IV bag was saline...:)

So, here we are...ready to rock and roll...when some dumbass doctor from the ER comes in...leans over me and says something stupid like "Yes, I think you are in labor"...

"No shit, Sherlock!"

And then, as he raises up to walk away, his stethoscope gets snagged on my IV and he yanks the needle from my arm...
Cussing...loud, clear cussing...ensued.
And in walked MY doctor.

He said, in a voice that had rather god-like qualities to it...or demon-like, depending on your perspective:

"You stupid son of a bitch! I have told you before to stay OUT of my patients' delivery rooms!
I will have your ASS for this interference!"

And then, quite calmly, turns to me and say:
"Well, let's get this done...I have a dinner to finish and a speech to give."

To which I replied:
"I TOLD YOU I was in labor..."

And then, amazing and true...2 strong pushes on my part, and it was done...
Paul Ellis Brown had arrived...a little less than 5 hours after my very first twinge!!

I stayed in the recovery room for about an hour...then to my room...and a request for PIZZA issued forth from my mouth...I was freaking starving!!
Pizza arrived, and it was shared with the nurses on that shift.
That room ended up being all to myself after the first roommate went home the next morning.
And the food there was GREAT!!
Orange-glazed Cornish game hen...lemon pepper salmon...London broil...AWESOME!!

We were there for 5 days, though...
Paul, being 6 weeks early, was a bit jaundiced, and he had to be in a incubator for a few days.
Then, we had to have his eyes checked...something to do with prolonged exposure to oxygen in the incubator.
But, when we left, we were both fine and feeling absolutely glorious...

And then, the next Great Adventure really began...Mom-hood!

Which, by the Way, is STILL quite spectacular...:)

More later today...AFTER Isabelle Fay arrives!


Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Isabelle Fay Is On Her Way 12/16/2009

Well, y'all, it is Baby Watch Time!
Isabelle Fay Jacques is soon to arrive for her now-time on Earth...and I am certain that Daddy and Mommy are over the Moon...and tired.

Lionel and Erica are going to be incredible parents.
Which goes without saying, as they are truly incredible Friends and People...

And she will already have 2 "brothers"...Oscar and Rowan.
They will be as joyful as the rest of us at her arrival...well, maybe NOT Rowan...but you never know...

I will write more later today, after Isabelle graces this World with her presence.