Thursday, December 24, 2009

A Winter's Eve

The traditional, Christian celebration is called Christmas Eve...tomorrow being Christmas Day...
But, there seems to be something lacking in that there should be MORE!

So, I am officially, for me, changing this evening's title to a Winter's Eve....with tomorrow being a Winter Celebration...

Take THAT, you limiters of celebratory days and events!!

Ah, yes...this time of year should surely bring out the finest and best in folks, but, you know what?
It DOESN' least, not for the most part.
People are in such a hurry to spend money they don't have...for crap that no one really order to get those people to like them more...or something to that effect...
And for WHAT?

By the time tomorrow..."Christmas Day"...arrives, far too many people are exhausted...broke...and pissed off...and the saddest part is that they did it to themselves!
All to celebrate the accepted birthday of Jesus?

Way too convoluted and twisted and effed up for me to even try to fathom...never has, and hopefully, never will make any sense to me whatsoever.

This time of year is grand and glorious and filled with wonder that comes only from the change in Seasons...the change to the cold and long the time when the Earth sleeps, and gets strong for the coming Spring.
We get so caught up in this holiday stuff that we forget to take in the awesome stuff that can only be known in the Winter...especially here, in Flroida.

So, my sage advice is this...
Stop with this madness we accept and shrug off as OK, and as part of this Season we should just deal with...that, dear friends, is simply BS, and is a byproduct of media and social pressure.

Step back a moment...take a deep breath...and allow yourself to FEEL the magick that IS this time of year.
THAT is what we celebrate...that is The Gift!

A blessed and bountiful Winter to you and yours...all ways...

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