Monday, December 28, 2009

More Stuff For the LAST WEEK of 2009

So, I am here, at the computer, wondering WTF people who try to hijack airplanes could be thinking...

Not only are THEY dumber than a bucket of dirt, they deserve whatever Fate befalls them!
Do they NOT have minds of their own?
Are their lives so shallow and empty that they have to jump on the bandwagon of some group that encourages members to KILL THEMSELVES?

And is NOT for the "glory of Allah" is for power and political gain...and anyone who truly believes anything else about it is a DUMBASS...especially the tools who do the dying!

They are certainly going to get a shock and surprise when they croak and Allah turns them away...saying "Not on MY watch, Guys"...and down they go...buhBYE you crazyass, wasted life, morons!!
No Heaven for YOU!!

But, in a twisted kind of Way, their deaths are a bit of Darwin in action...dumb asses die, simple as that...and hopefully BEFORE they have had a chance to reproduce.

OK,now...enough political commentary.

This is the last week of 2009, and many folks are thinking about their upcoming New Year's Resolutions
I wonder how many of them are really kept.
Or how many of us even make them to begin with...

I used to, then decided that if there is something that needs to get done, the only real Way to achieve that goal is to simply DO IT!
(No, this is NOT a plug for Nike...)

But, honestly, that is what works best for ME...
Maybe some people NEED the resolution thingy, to kind of make it like a unbreakable(yeah, right) vow type of obligation.

And for some, it probably works just fine...
How about you?
If you are reading this Blog entry, think about New Yeqar's resolutions and do you...or do you NOT...make them and/or keep them?

More to be said later this week...

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