Friday, December 18, 2009

Thoughts On A Rainy Friday

Well, the Isabelle Fay Watch is officially over...well done, Mama and Papa Jacques!

So now, I can write on other stuff that has been tickling the grey matter recently.

First of all, I would like to say this to anyone who might have a problem with the TITLE to my Blog...


There...that's said...enough, now.

Back to other things.

Like Sarah Palin...

HOW did this woman ever found her way into politics?
Was she created in some dark and spooky lab by the Republican Party?
Does she have a brain(seriously, this is meant ONLY on a biological level)?
Or does she rely on a "motherboard"(sorry...another oriented, actually)?

Maybe she should have the nickname...Stepford Sarah...or Republican-Run Rogue...

She is about as much a real rogue as that blonde conservative chick on The View...
Rogue, my bum.

But, I will tell you the scariest part of her and her politics and views...
Far too many Americans really DO follow her, and are glued to everything she says.

The key word here, folks, is FOLLOW...baaahhh...
And into the slaughterhouse joyfully they will go!

Am I the only one "out there" who finds her and the fact of her popularity to be more than just a tad bit frightening?
Am I the only one who struggles to actually KNOW what her views really are?
and, am I the only one who sees her with the Republican Party hand up her ass...moving the mouth and filling the head with what THEY want?

I believe Sarah Palin and all who support her to be more dangerous than any poor slob from Gitmo...more deadly that any weapon of any kind of destruction...
And do you know why?

Because SHE actually believes all the stuff she says...and so do her followers.
And in believing, they are DEVOTED...
DEVOTION is the most powerful weapon available to Humankind...stronger than mere faith...because it almost completely eliminates the NEED to THINK for oneself.

Think about it.
More on this tomorrow...


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