Thursday, December 17, 2009

Day 2 of ISABELLE FAY Watch...She's on her Way, but in her own sweet Time...

Well, as of the last update from Lionel, the Labor Train is still moving right along...
The "Conductor" and "Passenger" are tired, but the wheels just keep on going.

This glorious event conjures up memories of the Arrival of Paul...surreal and really cool, it truly was.

I was getting ready for my doctor's visit...complete with required pee specimen...about to jump into the shower...when I felt a not-so-little cramp.

" I don't think I should be having THAT now."

So, I decided to give it a bit, and started timing them.
Ten to 11 minutes big deal.
But, from what i knew, definitely the beginnigns of labor.

I take my shower...get dressed...grab my little covered cup...and head out the door.
At that time, I was driving a huge Chevy pick-up...4wheel drive...with a full camper back.
As I sit here, I realize I must have been quite the sight...:)

I get to the doctor's office, pee in hand, and go up to the receptionist and say, a bit loudly so all of the waiting Moms-To-Be could here...

"I think you might want to bump me up to the front of the line...I believe I am in labor."

To which my doctor poked his head from the door and said:
"No way. You are NOT ready yet."

To which I replied:
"Oh, but I think you might be wrong on this one."

So, he told his nurse to let me come on back...
Once back there, he did his "check for signs of labor" routine, and said, quite humbly if I remember correctly:
"Well, you are in labor. But, you probably won't deliver until late tonight. And I have a special dinner that I have to speak at...Just get to the hospital...check in...and have them call me."

And I, being of sound Mind and feeling more than rather smug at being right...hopped back into the truck and went to the Mall to go shopping.
Yes, shopping...
This was at about 1:30PM, on a Tuesday...8-11-81, to be exact.

After buying a couple of baby things at Sears, and getting myself some chocolate, I went back home.
Once there, I calmly told Paul's father and my mother-in-law that we needed to get going to the hospital because I was in labor.
They both laughed...until a pain hit and I cussed.

We got to the hospital...St. Anthony's, in Michigan City, Indiana...around 3:45 settled in a room in the "labor area" the monitor attached...and then the dance began.

I remember walking around alot...could NOT get comfortable lying down.
Oh, did I mention that this ENTIRE ADVENTURE was WITHOUT ANY PAIN MEDS...NONE...NADA...Not A DAMN ONE !!
Hence, the need for cussing...

At about 5:00PM, my nurses...awesome and amazing women, both of them...wheeled me into the delivery room, and got me up on the soft, clean table.
They put in an IV, just as a precautionary measure, since my water had broken 3 days before and I never knew...and Paul was about 6 weeks early.
But, believe me...the only stuff in that IV bag was saline...:)

So, here we are...ready to rock and roll...when some dumbass doctor from the ER comes in...leans over me and says something stupid like "Yes, I think you are in labor"...

"No shit, Sherlock!"

And then, as he raises up to walk away, his stethoscope gets snagged on my IV and he yanks the needle from my arm...
Cussing...loud, clear cussing...ensued.
And in walked MY doctor.

He said, in a voice that had rather god-like qualities to it...or demon-like, depending on your perspective:

"You stupid son of a bitch! I have told you before to stay OUT of my patients' delivery rooms!
I will have your ASS for this interference!"

And then, quite calmly, turns to me and say:
"Well, let's get this done...I have a dinner to finish and a speech to give."

To which I replied:
"I TOLD YOU I was in labor..."

And then, amazing and true...2 strong pushes on my part, and it was done...
Paul Ellis Brown had arrived...a little less than 5 hours after my very first twinge!!

I stayed in the recovery room for about an hour...then to my room...and a request for PIZZA issued forth from my mouth...I was freaking starving!!
Pizza arrived, and it was shared with the nurses on that shift.
That room ended up being all to myself after the first roommate went home the next morning.
And the food there was GREAT!!
Orange-glazed Cornish game hen...lemon pepper salmon...London broil...AWESOME!!

We were there for 5 days, though...
Paul, being 6 weeks early, was a bit jaundiced, and he had to be in a incubator for a few days.
Then, we had to have his eyes checked...something to do with prolonged exposure to oxygen in the incubator.
But, when we left, we were both fine and feeling absolutely glorious...

And then, the next Great Adventure really began...Mom-hood!

Which, by the Way, is STILL quite spectacular...:)

More later today...AFTER Isabelle Fay arrives!


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