Saturday, December 19, 2009

Thoughts on this Christmas Thingy...

Whaddado, everybody, whaddado...

Yeah, yeah...that's stealing from Craig and Wavy...but, hey...:)

Ah, this Christmas Thingy..."sigh"...seems to be something missing this year.
Or, maybe...just maybe...there's TOO MUCH OF IT !!

Could it be that I am simply reacting, emotionally, to an overload of jolliness?
Could it have something to do with the fact that, even with the economy in the crapper the way it is, stores have had Christmas stuff out SINCE RIGHT AFTER LABOR DAY?

WTF, y'all?

At several of the places we regularly shop, "they" began putting Holiday enticements out, seriously, right after Labor Day.
That's effing SEPTEMBER...and we hadn't even had Halloween or Thanksgiving yet!
What is WRONG with people?

The worst part of feeling this way is that I truly do LOVE this time of the year...
From Halloween through New Years, and even into Valentine's favorite days.
But NOT when it is shoved in my face at every turn!

I went to get a new wreath and garland at Jo-Ann Etc. last weekend...great sale, 60% off...which was fine.
BUT...and this is a very big BUT...
They were already putting out STUFF FOR VALENTINE'S DAY!!
It was all I could do to wait in line and make my the Hell out of there as quickly as I could.

Are we THAT materialistic?
Or are we in THAT much of a hurry for our days to pass by?

Or are we just effing TOOLS...or SHEEP...baaahhh, baaahhh,baaahhh...
Are our lives so shallow that we live for the "shopping fix", from one "holiday" to the next?

Something to seriously and deeply ponder, I believe...
But not today...enough now.

I am going to have a big piece of fudge that my Mom-In-Law made and sent our Way...and watch a movie...or take a little walk around the 'hood...or do the last of the Holiday cards for friends and such...


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