Thursday, December 17, 2009

Afternoon Thoughts

Well, as of now, still no ISABELLE we wait...

BUT...there are other things I want to talk about...namely the vulturistic behavior of THE MEDIA!

OH! Does this come as a surprise to you?
I certainly hope not, for your sake.

But lately, it seems to have gotten even more bloodthirsty...more "let's not only tell the World this person's private business, let's go ahead and DESTROY THEIR LIFE while we're at it"...
And ya know's OUR FAULT!

Yes, it's our fault...we, the American Public...because we LOVE that kind of crap...
We love to see that folks who are wealthy and successful can fall from grace.
We love to see them in pain...
And, what's worse than simply liking to see it...we WANT to see it...and the more The Media can give us, the happier(?) we are about it.

Casey Anthony...sad, sad story.
Allegedly murdered her daughter...and yet...the Prosecution has nothing but very slim circumstantial evidence.
But wait!
Over the last year or so, The Media has not only dragged this woman through the deepest mud, but it has made it impossible for her to ever get a FAIR TRIAL pretty much anywhere, but definitely in Florida.

Great, people...really great...NOT!

And now, we have Tiger Woods to destroy.
Doesn't matter the least little bit that his marital problems are NO OF OUR DAMN BUSINESS...NONE!!
Let's make it so that he and his wife can't even go to the toilet in privacy(ever so slight exaggeration), much less WORK ON FIXING THEIR MARRIAGE.


And in the past we have had Michael Jackson(who, now that he is dead, is everyone's pop idol)...Bill Clinton(don't get me started on this one)...Brittany Spears(sad kid, at best)...and countless others we have gleefully dragged over the coals, and took delight in doing so, wanting more and more as the toll rose...and continues to rise.

What the Hell is wrong with Humanity?
Are our little lives so freaking miserable that the only way we can even remotely feel good about ourselves is to perceive another person as "less than"?
Are we so desperate for "something" that is missing from our lives that the only thing that fills that damn void is the destruction of another person's Life, literally and/or figuratively?

If we(the collective "we") spent as much energy and time working on ourselves and trying to do the right things for our lives and such as we spend on looking for ways to wreck the lives and reputations of others, we'd be quite an incredible lot.

But, is not to be.

To be continued...


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