Friday, January 15, 2010


Well, the World is jumping on the "Help Haiti" Bandwagon...

I often wonder WHY it takes a disaster for people to suddenly GIVE a CRAP. Do folks think the People of Haiti suddenly began to live in shanties, wooden crates with tarps for roofs, on the streets and in cardboard boxes? The earthquake didn't make this happen!
The Media, and even some of the relief workers, are giving the impression that the Haitians are in these dire straits because of the 7.3 earthquake that slammed their impoverished island.

They couldn't be MORE WRONG!

Haiti is one of the poorest countries in the World, with a high illiteracy rate...astronomical unemployment rate...and a per capita annual income that isn't much more than the weekly allowance given to some kids in the US.

So, WHY, all of a sudden, does the World give s crap about these "poor people"?
The World hasn't given enough of a crap to help end the economic and social crisis that the Haitian People have been dealing with for decades now...well, not EXACTLY true...there have been UN Peacekeeping forces there trying to hel...
But even THAT has been very, very recent activity.

So, again, I ask...
WHY all of a sudden?
Where has George Clooney been for all these telethon from him to help Haitian people simply have the basics of Life, and be given a CHANCE...
Where have ALL of the "George Clooneys" been all this"non-disaster" time?

Is it possible that even folks like Clooney...and others who are showing concern now, really DIDN'T KNOW how horrible conditions, and Life in general, are in Haiti?
Could it be?

More to come over the weekend...
I am tired now, from doing a load of yard work, cleaning up the dead stuff that came from the cold weather we had for awhile.


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